Small Acts of Kindness

I wrote this earlier in the week to post today before the terror attacks on Paris this weekend. I’m still going to post it, because given Friday’s awful events, the message I wanted to convey now seems even more poignant than it was 3 days ago – as humans we should be there for each other in whatever capacity we can be: whether than is in one individuals time of need, or an entire nations. The images of Parisians queuing up to give blood, and opening their homes to keep strangers safe shows how, as humans, we have a unique capacity to come together in times of crises. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt this week is that small acts of kindness can help us though dark days.  #PrayforParis – but let’s also take a moment to remember other countries being affected by terrorism every day. We’re all humans, whatever nationality or religion we are. 

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The Dreaded Commute: My Open Letter to London Midland

It’s Sunday morning and the thoughts about the dreaded commute in to London Euston tomorrow are already creeping in. Anyone that knows me or indeed, follows my twitter will know that me and you, London Midland, do not always see eye to eye.

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